Akwaba - Our Trademark is Hospitality!


Ghana’s trademarks are hospitality and friendly people who are always helpful and tolerant of others and not to forget the rich culture. In Ghana there are no Religious nor Race problems. Here a child is first and foremost a child before one looks to see if it is white, black, yellow or any other color. Religion is ones private affair and everyone respects the choice people make.

Biriwa Beach Hotel was established by a German family which came to settle over 30 years ago. It is now being managed by the second generation. The Hotel offers an oasis of peace and tranquillity in the hectic world of today. Here you can relax and leave your worries behind. The management and staff will make your stay at Biriwa Beach Hotel as pleasant as possible.
If you have questions or suggestions you can contact us here.

We wish you a safe trip and are looking forward to welcoming you at Biriwa Beach Hotel.

The Management 

We arrange 89 pages for you. Each in two languages. With that we hope to introduce the land Ghana and our hotel. Enjoy digging around in these pages.
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