Birds around the Hotel

Biriwa Beach Hotel is surrounded by smaller hills and valleys of green vegetation and the ocean. The hotel complex itself is set in a garden of trees, plants, flowers and fish ponds which give a perfect atmosphere for birds. About 52 species have been recorded by bird watchers who have been here on vacation.

 Western Reef Egret

 African Pied Wagtail

 Black winged Red Bishop

 Cattle Egret  Simple Green Bulbul  Northern Red Bishop
 Hooded Vulture  Common Bulbul  Yellow mantled Widowbird
 Yellow billed Kite  African Thrush  Bar-breasted Firefinch
 European Hobby  Grey backed Camaroptera  Bronze Mannikin
 Grey Kestrel  Singing Cisticola  Black & White Mannikin
 Blue spotted Dove  Common Wattle-eye  Pintailed Whydah
 Redeyed Dove  Yellow bellied Wattle-eye  Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat
 Laughing Dove  Copper Sunbird  Common Waxbill
 Western Grey Plantain Eater  Splendid Sunbird  African Green Pigeon
 Klaa's Cuckoo  Sulphur breasted Bush  Little Swift
 Diedrik Cuckoo  Yellow crowned Gonolek  Wire tailed Swallow
 Senegal Caucal  Black-crowned Tchagra  Orange Weaver
 Mottled Spinetail  Brown-crowned Tchagra  Spectacled Weaver
 Little Bee-eater  Pied Crow  Village Weaver
 White-throated Bee-eater  Northern Grey-headed Sparrow  Vieillot's Black Weaver
 Red chested Swallow  Viellot's Barbet  Woodland Kingfisher

 Lesser striped Swallow






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