The hotel area


The street
The car park
The car park from above
The crossing
The restaurant by day
The restaurant at night
The restaurants view
The bridge
In front of the rooms
Room 106
Bathroom 106
Room 103
Bathroom 103
Room 101
Bathroom 101
The reception
The Boutique
The beach, close
The beach, far
At the pool
In the pool


On this page you can visit the hotel and the area. Have a look from all sides and all places.

Choose a spot from the list of the hotel area on the left side for your personal walk. The pictures you will see are known as spherical pictures. Within these pictures you can 'move' in all directions. Use the mouse for your personal walk through the hotel area and the rooms.

If you encounter a red spot while you are watching these pictures, you can pass on to another picture. Don't hesitate to enter one of the rooms. They are not occupied.

Hint: Java is required to have a look at the pictures.
You can download Java here.