SPA & Wellness

The Beauty of Sahara Spa is located in Cape Coast.

We are lucky to be working with them — they will come and give you treatment right in your room at Biriwa Beach Hotel.

Holistic Massage — a heavenly life promoting experience that helps balance your energy centers, tones your whole body and muscles, reduces and relieves stress and stimulates circulation
— 30 minutes GH¢50.00 / 50 minutes GH¢65.00 / 75 minutes GH¢90.00

Deep Tissue Massage — soul penetrating, healing therapy including centralized treatment for problem areas, relaxes muscles, breaks up toxins and stimulates circulation & stress relief
— 30 min. Gh¢50.00 / 50 min. GH¢65.00 / 75 min. GH¢90.00   Manicure and Pedicure — 30 min / Gh¢35.00

Facial—refreshing treatments to keep the facial skin soft and supple restoring its natural elasticity while preventing wrinkles—includes a head, shoulder, arm and leg massage
— 30 min — GH¢45.00

Reflexology—manipulation of the body’s reflex zones—nerve endings in the hands and feet which correspond to various organs and systems of the body to determine areas that may be in need of attention and stimulating healing
— 30 min — Gh¢35.00

Iridology—examination of the reflex zones located in the iris of the eyes which corresponds to various organs and systems of the body to determine areas that may be in need of attention
— 30 min — GH¢35.00

Aqua Chi—cellular rejuvenation and detoxification footbath
— 35 min — GH¢40.00 with reflexology —1 hr — GH¢60.00

Other treatment can be enjoyed at the spa itself in Cape Coast Colema—partial internal hygienic bathing of the first 18 inches of the colon
—30 — 45 min — Gh¢40.00

Colonic—complete internal hygienic bathing of the whole 5 feet of the colon
—30 —4 5 min — GH¢ 80.00

Mineral Body Peeling—gentle exfoliation scrub with therapeutic sea salt
— 40 min — GH¢60.00

Mud Wrap—cocoon of mud designed to detoxify and replenish
— 60 min — GH¢60.00

Mud Peeling—combined mud wrap and peeling by infusion
— 90 min — Gh¢75.00

Mud Wrap Massage—combined body massage and mud wrap
— 75 min — GH¢100.00