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Aid for village kids is a private initiative to gather funds to help village kids in the central region of Ghana. We try to help kids who need special medical attention as well as kids who need aid in their schooling. Little Stacy Nkrumah has been one of the lucky kids to have received help through the help of friends and well wishers who donated money towards her care before during and after her needed operation.

I met Stacy in May 2006 during one of my visits to Nsanfo to threat the school children and decided to help this little girl who did not seem to have any chance at life. At the time I met her she was 1 1/2 years old and not even able to sit on her own. An operation was out of the question as there was no money available. I started writing to friends and relatives and got good responses. I found out that the Mercy Ship was docked in Tema and would be there until February 2007 and sent her there for evaluation. They agreed to operate her but she was too weak to undergo the operation at that time. We were able to give her good nourishment and medical treatment and she has been able to undergo the needed operation on the 09.01.07.


I came into contact with the village of Nsanfo through my husband who hails from there. During one of my visits to the village I noticed to my amazement that many kids attend school with no shoes, no bag and no books. Many kids were sick but they were there anyway.


We have 22 kids whose schooling is being sponsored. These kids are bright students but have almost no chance to go beyond the 4th class of elementary school without help. One of the kids is an orphaned girl of 14 years. There are many more kids in need of help. We have made sure our kids have health insurance to enable them get treatment when ever the need arises.

One of our kids is 3 months Serwah who's mother is just 13 years of age. We help out with baby formula as she can not get enough breast milk. Also she needs medical care and all the other things which go into a baby's care.


Nsanfo has a Primary School and a Junior Secondary School. It has no Nursery or Kindergarten so to speak. The Nursery and Kindergarten building is on the verge of collapse and needs to be rebuilt. The school has almost no teaching material and text books are non existent. We were able to raise funds in 2006 with which we have been able to provide some classes with learning materials like Dictionaries, exercise books, etc but the needs are much more.

Nsanfo has a population of about 700 of which more than half are kids and teenagers beyond the age of 15. As there is only 1 Well and 4 stand pipes providing water for the whole community a lot of the villagers suffer from Bilharzia which they get through using water from the nearby stream. The village has built a clinic but has no material to operate it and as such a lot of kids can not get the treatment needed and some get very sick and many die due to the fact that the basics needed for an emergency treatment are not available.


With the help of many friends I have been able to build a little day care center for the smallest kids who would have to join their mothers to the farms. We have between 15 and 30 kids in our day care facility every day. We still need sponsors to be able to give them 2 meals a day and health care. We are trying to build a playground now for the kids as well as extend our day care facility as we are growing ever day.

There is a lot we can do to help put smiles on the faces of these kids - we are counting on you.

If you are interested to help please write to me on :

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