Ghana Information

The Cradle of Mankind? The Dark, Unknown Mysterious Continent? The Continent with many faces?

Which is true? Maybe they are all true in one way or another. Over the years many facts have been brought to light which no one knew about this mysterious and fascinating continent. Relics dating back 10 000 years before our time have been found proving that people with high level of pre historic culture lived in Africa. Africa appeared on the Greek World Map in 800 B.C. for the first time and the Romans set foot in Africa around 150 B.C.

The African Continent has held a deep fascination for man over the centuries. Many expeditions were led to unravel some of the mystery surrounding Dark Africa. Some were successful and others not, but no matter how many did not return others decided to try their luck. They came back with astonishing facts but also with items which awoke the interest of the Business minds in the Western World - Gold, Ivory, Rare Wood, Cotton, Gemstones and Black Ivory - Slaves.

Africa has many faces but the most prominent is the face of Natural Beauty which is waiting to be re discovered by you. Ghana has a lot to offer on that note. It is a country which still believes in its culture and lives accordingly. One will hear the language of Drums, meet animals in their natural habitat which are not afraid or hostile to humans, you will listen to legends told, discover beauty you never knew existed and meet friendly people who say welcome with meaning.

Africa has its place in History Books and some African Countries are on the News everyday but the fascination Africa had on Man centuries ago does not exist any longer. Today Africa is known to be a continent of Violence, Wars and Suffering. The hunger of gathering knowledge and getting to know Africa for its beauty, untouched Nature and Legends is gone.

We want to change that. We want to introduce the Ghana which is real to you. Ghana in all its beauty and splendor. We hope to give you as much information as possible on this site and hope it will motivate you to come and visit our beautiful country.

Akwaaba - Willkommen - Welcome